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nevver: Lost in Translation, Carl Randall

nevver: “Lost in Translation, Carl Randall ”

I think this might be like me...maybe. Or maybe not.

Comic girls say ."" I used to be indecisive. now I'm not sure."" art by Lichtenstein

Natas Kaupas

crossfirezine:All hail Natas years later I’m still dreaming of ollies. You all rule.

Nychos 5.jpg 864×617 pixels

Nychos 5.jpg 864×617 pixels

Catherine of Aragon, 1999, gelatin-silver print

Hiroshi Sugimoto Catherine of Aragon 1999 Gelatin-silver print x cm

Bill Traylor (1854?–1949) was born into slavery on a plantation in Alabama. After emancipation, he continued to live and work on the plantation until sometime before 1928, when he moved permanently to Montgomery. There he worked as a laborer and briefly in a shoe factory until he was physically unable to continue...

Bill Traylor: Drawings from the Collections of the High Museum of Art and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Glory, Freedom, Peace

Glory, Freedom, Peace

Convert to Islam: Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz --- American Muslim minister and activist;

| Bodys ISEK KINGELEZ, plasticien rep Congo

| Bodys ISEK KINGELEZ, plasticien rep Congo

Meat grinder + your arm = scary xray. (SFW) - Imgur

Meat grinder + your arm = scary xray. (SFW)

X-ray of a meat grinder injury to the arm and hand. don't stick your arm in a meat grinder.