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I want to sleep next Ryan. I pray for it to happen millions of times a day everyday to, for us to get back together as friends, live together, realize we want&need eachother & then get married u_u <3<3<3 For us to get rid of depression and to live a great happy wonderful long loving awesome as ever life with each other. I pray&you pray. It's really me praying for my mirrored soul to return so I can finally be a happy woman again (only one who can & ever made me giddy too) I love Ry w/my…

You have one more chance then I will cut all ties. I am sick of your motor mouth of how great you are and saying mean things to me. You are a mean person disguising yourself as a nice person. If your family only knew.

Paris was amazing! I took my 3 year old, Chris, with me and we had a blast! One day I'll go back with my husband. He was deployed with the Army the first time I went. Can't wait to go back!

The narcissist holds themself calm, easy-going and well-composed, while driving you to the brink of sheer madness. Those who observe this from the outside, do see you as the psychotic one, and the narcissist as the unfortunate, level-headed victim. This reversed illusion was all part of the narcissist's grand plan the whole time. You were played from day one!

I take you to be my best friend my faithful partner and my one true love I promise to encourage you and inspire you and to love you truly

One of the best Doctor Who cosplays I have ever seen. The Empty Child episode! Are you my mummy? - Geek Parents Are Cool

You would never know that all of this is in that lake! Imagine what it was like the first time someone took a swim here? - jellyfish lake

Razr~haha I had this phone. My husband bought for me as a gift. He knows hot pink is my favorite color