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@fleamarketfab -- After returning from Morocco this week and having time to gather my thoughts, I have so much up my sleeve. Looking back through my feed has made me realize how true I am to my style and I have so much passion for the next. I love seeing so much inspiration in others come to life!!! I thank everyone of you for the love and follow and interest in my mental madness of style!!!!


What's Your Passion Exercise - Find Your Passion

Find Your Life's Passions in 4 Steps - from Oprah. (For those of us with many interests, that is not always easy.)

This interesting detail from the 1464-66 Lyversberg Passion shows how the leg of the hose has been opened and loosely stitched to allow for the additional thickness of a bandage worn underneath. This detail is not present on the man's other leg, and does not necessarily tell us anything about what is normal in hosen.

If you, or someone you know is dealing with any of these issues Plexus can help without all of those nasty side effects. It helps you get healthy from the inside out. I thought that was crazy when I first heard about it but, that is why I am so passionate now. I have even lost weight. If you are interested we have a 60 day money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to check Plexus out.