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This modular scale model uses various textures to achieve a visually appealing and accurately functioning sales tool.

To create a scale model of Times Square the model makers used Google Earth to download pictures of this NYC icon.

This MATV military truck model was built to withstand rugged use at trade shows without sacrificing fine detail.

This series of 3 medical implant models represent a knee, hip and shoulder. Each one is 3 1/2 x the size of the real implant.

This intersection model was created to demonstrate the modular properties of our client's concrete product for road intersections.

KiwMill built 20 HO scale train models of the Citadis Spirit. The body of the train model was milled out of tooling board w/ 3D printed details added,

This gate valve model will be used for training by our client, FMC Technologies. It's a cutaway model and has working parts as well.

This architectural prop model was a rush order for a photo shoot. Only the front facade of the building need to be created for the display.

This valve replacement training model will familiarize people with the steps of an industrial process before they get into the actual field.

The manifold trailer model was used to introduce this new product at a sales presentation in NYC and will continue to be displayed at trade shows.