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Just Send Me Word: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Gulag by Orlando Figes. Figes reconstructs a heroic and touching love story that occurred in the midst of one of Stalin's most notorious work camps, drawing on personal letters, KGB archives and recent interviews to brilliantly illustrate the broader world in which their story unfolded.

The Swans of Fifth Avenue: A Novel by Melanie Benjamin

Alexander Dolgun's story: An American in the Gulag by Alexander Dolgun,

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross. When sixteen-year-old Mira runs away to discover her secret past, she finds a place where Grimm's fairy tales come to life, and she cannot avoid her accursed fate.

Survival I: Fact -- There are two types of factual survival accounts — true stories about survival under difficult conditions; and attempts to account for the ability of some people to survive where others cannot. In the accounts of survivors, we can judge just what sort of people they were, with what qualities of character and what strengths and weaknesses; in accounting for their survival, we find that what counts is determination tempered by flexibility, humor, and moral commitment.