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What's New 4.18.14: Paleo Diet + Quinoa + Vegan = Cheat: Why is paleo a trend? Who profits? Do paleo diets help diabetics? Paleo Vegans??? 2 delicious quinoa recipes for paleo cheats + quinoa's global impact.

5.9.14: Fresh From the Spring Garden: Spring was slow to get here but it's definitely here! This weeks's newsletter features a pregnant mad gardener (runs in the family), and 3 tasty spring recipes.

from Mad Mimi

Fall into Soup

Fall Into Soup! Fall is the perfect time for soup and you won't get burned by our soup recipes - they're tested and approved by the most discerning palates. So let the wind blow, the leaves fall and the rain come. We'll be cozy & warm inside with a delicious bowl of hot soup! And maybe some bread..ooh! And a salad. Yum!

from Mad Mimi

Holiday Cookie Baking Extravaganza!

Christmas Cookie Extravaganza! At this time of year we get completely carried away baking cookies. This weeks newsletter features our four favorite xmas cookie recipes - impressive but easy and fun to make:

from Mad Mimi

Last Minute Thanksgiving Menu Tips

Last Minute Thanksgiving Menu Tips Judith-Kingsbury1-11,2012 Still haven't decided on this year's Thanksgiving menu? Don't panic! There is still plenty of time and you have our Thanksgiving menus and recipes as a fallback.

from Mad Mimi

Healthy Delicious Holiday Recipes

Healthy Delicious Holiday Recipes: This weeks newsletter has 2 new recipes to enjoy during the holidays without sending calories, cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar through the roof - thanks to the magical powers of veggies!