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Cheese/ham-filled lettuce. Good Housekeeping, August 1961.  At 8:05 p.m., test subject "lettuce A" went mad and committed ritual suicide. Here is the grisly aftermath. As you can see, his brain contained high levels of Cheddar, known to cause dementia in the iceberg species.  The Lab Techs pronounced him ... delicious (?). haha   ALL humor credit goes to Holly GoLightly!

Good Housekeeping, August 1961 Because Iceberg lettuce really is improved by a cheese-like surprize.

weirdvintage:  The “Pie-Plate Salad”, set in gelatin, 1952 (via jbcurio on flickr)

VEG-ALL "Pie Plate Salad" Recipe (hold the Cool Whip!) - because the only thing grosser than Veg-All is Veg-All in gelatin

Magnet dropped in copper pipe #trippy #magnet #dropped #copper #pipe #animated #gif #entertainment #interesting

Why do magnets fall more slowly through a copper tube? [[MORE]] When you move a magnet past a metal plate or through a copper tube you generate a current*. Copper isn’t attracted to magnets, but it is.

Frozen pork & beans and ketchup pop. Don't knock it 'till you vomit.

Over-excited by all these delicious recipe ideas? Cool off with a frozen pork, beans and ketchup popsicle.

weird food products | Check out other weird foods from around the world in the gallery below ...

30 WTF Canned Foods

Canned Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, plus Canned BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Or Candwich, that is. Definitely some weird canned foods.

I was going to say too much cottage cheese, then I noticed lime jello is mixed with tuna.

Cottage cheese, tuna, jello and Elsie the cow . a lot going on here.

Aspic salato

Cucina incomprensibile

17 Horrifying Jell-O Salads That Will Make You Wonder How Humans Are Still Alive