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Grey's Anatomy Problems

Grey's Anatomy Problems: I am actually hoping that they bring Addison back on Grey's Anatomy with her husband and child because that would add two new doctors to the show.

Grey's Anatomy - Derek and sisters.

Derek and his sisters. we still haven't met one of them. He had 4 sisters.

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Meredith and Alex Grey's Anatomy. I really love their relationship I love how Cristina was her person but Alex was her best friend

My Favorite Grey's Moments

the fact i have the urge to say this to my family on a daily basis is overwhelming I would love to say that

Grey's Anatomy Problems

OH MY GOSH YES! His cussing is so unexplainably adorable.

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My Favorite Grey's Moments- Cristina meets her interns

Grey's Anatomy Problems : Photo

Grey's Anatomy Problems When you wash your hands, you often pretend that you're scrubbing in for a surgery.yes I do this and I thought I was the only one