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Catherine Haddad cuts her birthday cake, bought and arranged for her by the tour guide, Bruce Li.
Emily C. '15 enjoys a traditional hot pot dinner.
Joan, tour guide in Beijing, and Olha Drobot pose for a photo outside the train station in Beijing.
Jack W. '14, Steven F. '16, Doug W. '15, Isaac S. '17, Andrew S. '17, and Paul P. '16 light incense using the Lotus Flower candles in a Buddhist temple.
Catherine Haddad and Andrew S. '17 outside the NYU Shanghai campus.
Emily M. '17 and Jack W. '14 learn calligraphy.
Paul P. '16 and Alex D. '16 in the Beijing Olympic Village.
The LCDS and SMIC students pose for a photo after meeting, getting to know each other, and playing games together.
Emily M. '17 and Maddie S. '14 learn to play the Hulusi during a music lesson at SMIC Private School.
Emily C. '15, Madison S. '15, and Chandler S. '17 play UNO during the overnight train ride from Beijing to Xi'an.