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30 Day Marriage Challenge

But above all else, I commit to trust you.

Our number one goal. I want to demonstrate to our children and to my stepson what a healthy, peaceful home and marriage look like.. So they too, can experience what a loving marriage of their own feels like in the future.

Yes, it's true. Did you even know you have an apology language? Did you even know that exists? You may be surprised to learn that each person has a different apology language - and knowing yours, and your husband's can improve your marriage in dramatic (and helpful) ways. (Apology Languages - Gary Chapman & Jennifer Thomas)

Follow the Five Languages of Love for a Happy Marriage by Carrie Westbay

40 two-player games you can play to have fun together and increase that friendship!

FREE Printable: 20 Little Things to Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage

FREE Printable! 20 Little Things to Make A Big Difference In Your Marriage ~ Club31Women