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"@1207_beauty: @pppjrm1965_isa " I need you more than u you need hamburgers

Chubby Puppies Single Pack - Pug

* * KAYLA: " Rite now, me be havin' amnesia and deja vu' atz de same time. Me thinks me haz forgotten dis moment befores."

How to Avoid Animal Anxiety

Many pets can suffer from animal anxiety if they are left alone for too long, but most of us are forced to leave our dog alone all day while we work. Here are some tips to follow while adapting Fido to your busy lifestyle. [ Blog] #dogs

A blind person could need a dog to be able to move. I need my little Flurin, a happy chubby pug who give me always good inspiration and make me smile all the time… and I really do love to smile and laugh! I made these drawings to tell him: thank you!

Holly Leaf Christmas Dog Collar

So Cute! Holly Leaf Dog Collar >>