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"Materials used." -Asha

"I think we all -individually- have our favorite couple. And mine has always been the partnership between Paul and Linda McCartney. He is an ENFP, and she- an INTJ." -Asha *you secretly conclude things, and people have no understanding of its origins in thought. They are only presented an idea that is favorited, and it could only be a coat- but the symbolic meaning runs deep. [NOTE 92% conclude yourself to wish in being someone else.] *they claimed me a wannabe J.Lo. Admit it.

EBAY II: Item #10: KASIL + TAYLOR JACOBSON Artisan Capri Denim Pant. *Yonas? He has become very desperate. He flirts with everyone, and I only stare at him as he refuses to talk to me. Only a few days ago was he so upset that he spent the entire lunch period in his car. [I told you about fair brown-haired white dudes. They're at work. And that Hispanic dude harassed by Vuthy has a Hispanic wife, two sons, and a daughter. He went to his son's graduation two weekends ago.]

COLOR MATCH IV: "My brows in sunlight. I was aware of I not being the darkest of reds. In fact, Princess Diana was in possession of much darker auburn tresses. I have only so much North African blood running thrigh my veins." -Asha *through [NOTE: Yes, all my children are going to be fair-haired. I do not produce brunettes. It just isn't so.] *Lucille Ball was a natural fair-brunette.

"Done with ice cream? Rinse the container, before placing such in the trash. It leaves the area less messy, and lowers the stench." -Asha [NOTE: Why? My college dormmates were dirty. Their slightly filled milk containers, and meat crumbles, left the place smelly, and in high risk of mold.] *they didn't know who took out the trash on weekends. I cleaned due to my low tolerance. [Could you imagine? Every Sunday afternoon they came from their homes, was a smile for the dorm was fresh once…

Pesqueira - Fauna Henley *they were not being considerate, and honest at school. I could not stand that place. And I refused to tolerate that environment any further. I felt as if having departed the Holocaust. I only had breakfast before school, and dinner after- as I avoided the lunchroom. And my mother could only pick me up -at earliest- 5:00PM. School ended around 2:00PM, if I can recall. [I was classified as anorexic, but I was truly depressed and full of anxiety. I couldn't eat.]

2012 Macy's Day Parade Rockettes [NOTE: Here is the high-kick in robotic formation.] *i was a member of the suffering STEP TEAM at my first high-school. Needless to say, our performance was pretty bad, and several members departed during the year. We had to continuously create new formations so as to make it appear as if no one was missing. I was one of the 12 [?] who remained faithful until the end-of-year dreadful performance. Of course, were we compared to the dashing high-kick squad.

"I thought my mother was said to be TILDA SWINTON. My facial features are not atypically black, or West African, and I have been bullied. It is this disconnect that has left me grounded with whites. I cannot hate them, as we have so much in common. And it is these similarities which places me in hostility with blacks. I tend to avoid them without thought. Perhaps, this is instinctual." -Asha #sigourney-weaver *i am not black. [It's funny how because of my hair, am I said to be "so pale".]

Tunisia *do not doubt my accuracy. I found my homeland through hours of anthropology research. [I thought it was a hidden family secret of my previous "Japanese" background. We identified as Liberian, but our family's ancestry is quite diverse. I didn't turn out too much of a screw-up in thinking myself Japanese.] %_% [All the Jews I knew weren't from the motherland! They looked like Scarlett [even Spanish Lea]. I wasn't introduced to true Jews until later.] *oh my word! Nat is French!

3: Image 2. -Asha [NOTE: THE BEAUTY COMPLAINT is purely stupid at its core. You are angry in not being sexed by an individual male. And while this may turn into marriage, have you ever thought for a second, that you could take care of yourself?] *what is misconstrued is that only the pretty ones can experience luxury brands, and activities. There is a business capital in EBAY. [So these women pamper themselves up, and cry in hearing of another woman being called "beautiful". This is the…

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