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super moon june 23 2013 | Supermoon 2013 Date And Time -- Supermoon On June 23 2013 | PlanetSave *don't be surprised if having moaned while during a morning stretch. I sound as if I have sex every morning. ^_^

EBAY #39: BIRKENSTOCK Madrid, in MINT GREEN: "Bought for $39.99, without shipping fees." [Title: BIRKENSTOCK Madrid Birko-Flor Mint Green SANDALS Womens 40 - 9 - 9.5 NEW Box $69.] #long-title %_% [Prelud: Not CORNS, but CALLUSES.] *right foot displays my morton's toe. I am the true "Ancient Greek" described so mystically in Modern folklore. Do not mourn for my being exhibited.

[NOTE: Look at the placement of the stitches, and the shoulder pads. Very uneven, I'm sure the owner gave up! An angry woman!] *my brother is with a Jew, and you are just going to have to deal with that. I have no issues with her, as I truly need to be surrounded by whites. I cannot deal with black people, and feel like an enemy within the house I was raised. [I need to be around whites because of the abuse I am dealing with. I almost killed myself. You can only deal with so much trauma.]

2: Image 1. fin *i will whoop your ass. I cussed out Yonas today, because for some reason, out of the blue did he tell me to "shut up". I hadn't spoken all day, and simply asked a question. Lines are assigned to break periods, and because the supervisor added additional sets of people for a line were breaks changed. [They want me to be nice, to "suck up", and I just become nasty. Don't bring that shit to me.] I called him a "retard". I ask needed questions, I don't just ramble for attention.

EBAY II: Item #15: HYPE ATELIER Silk Gothic Gown. [...Do OTHERS find me attractive? Well, that is determined by their preference in skeletal structure, and that of color complexities. I may have the physical structure he admires, but he is disturbed by my complexion. That said, the answer to his dilemma is simple: I am NOT his natural partner. And like him, is there a male for myself who has the perfect symmetry and complexities to encourage mating; which will help in sustaining the human…

"Meanwhile, my thoughts weren't towards social dramas but monetary dilemmas, and I produced a new debt-free budget by break time. I have everything figured out." -Asha [NOTE: I am likely to retrieve a new iPhone 4S as this cannot be unlocked from Cricket; but this is for next week! [i don't use the phone, and who would try to kidnap me? next week.] And for some reason, do I not mind spending more dough. Next week, is Necessity Week. All my essentials are being worked for these coming hours.]

June 9th, 2013. -Asha *i am not complaining about having thick tresses. I am only explaining the difficulties that come in its density. And my hair is also highly-textured. It can be quite "unruly" when left alone. It does its own thing. Thin hair is easy to manipulate into style, while thick hair can hold styles for long periods of time. [*go ask the camp counselor before yelling at fellow camper. Let her tell you where you were placed.]