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No interview is alike. Depending on which company you are trying to get a job with, you may be faced with either a traditional, situational or a behavioral interview. While each one poses their own challenges, ever wonder why a company will go with one style over another?

from Levo League

The Politesse

What not to say in an #interview.

from Lauren Conrad

Tuesday Ten: Tips for Mastering an Interview

Tips for Mastering an Interview #jobs #careers #interviews

from Levo League

7 Psychological Tricks to Use in an Interview

Some of these are just getting yourself in the right mindset for the interview.

The Secret To Acing A Job Interview

from Lauren Conrad

Ladylike Laws: Interview Etiquette

Interview Etiquette * how to ace a job interview

#Interview Prep | Common Interview Questions

Job Interviewing Skills: No chatting, dissing, or bragging #jobinterview #job interview questions #job interview tips @ job interview attire #job seeker #job seeker linkedIn #Job interview answers


Job Interview First Impressions -Impress Employers

What Employers Can Deduce 30 Seconds into the Job Interview