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Sorrel's Dragons: another sea dragon today, by John Howe - this is from Robin Hobb's novel Ship of Destiny.

this is one pretty cool anime dragon. why is he pink I will never know?

Some things that I may not have revealed: I like dragons. I like feathery dragons. I like multi-limbed and especially multi-winged dragons. And I like dragons in unusual colors.

Keeper of the Library by ~Shev14th on deviantART

Keeper of the Library. I want the Dragon AND the Library

Vesperaldus.WesternDragon.PterianQuadriped(wingsfour legs) Is classic,from tales about knights slaying dragons to save princess No dragon did such a thing Theyre peaceful & advice-giving Not evil Have long been extinct Or so we thought Dragons would change into humans, to hide in disguise. The original Telepathics.The First Tribe.Western Dragons appreciate the classics-old as well as new. Theyre great leaders embrace change and good with people. May seem ordinary, but inside, you have a gift

What Type of Dragon Are You?

John Howe's dragons are some of my favorites

John Howe :: Illustrator Portfolio :: Home / Cover Art / Robin HOBB / The Liveship Traders: Volume 3 - Ship of Destiny: Tintaglia

Funny Pic Dump (2.23.16) – Pleated-Jeans.com

Why Cut Down That Tree in Your Yard? Instead, Carve It into a Dragon. Powers Bach, I think you need this in your yard!okay maybe not a dragon but art.

My sun by Deygira-Blood on DeviantArt

The almost golden yellow fire dragon Lomuna Vyllengur soar high up to feel the warmth of her mother, the sun, that she love most of all.

Reading up on tasty treats

Bookwyrm by *Chromamancer on deviantART - I love images of dragons reading books.

Leundra by Kezrek

my real dragon. if it wasn't this one it would be the gold one. But in real life i think she would have a nicer face instead of looking angry/evil.