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Lime Plaster 101: the basics

Italian Artisan Courses in Florence, Italy Fresco, Sgraffito, Lime Plasters & Wall Finishes Lime plaster: Today's decorators are increasingly called upon to employ this incredibly versatile and naturally beautiful historical material with many modern uses. Learn quickly with our teachers who have vast technical knowledge many years of practical experience as professional decorators. Historical Lime, Fresco and Sgraffito techniques

I started by making up a batch of Tadelakt plaster which required a week to sit. This allows the sand and lime to amalgamate. On the day of application the fist layer of plaster is applied and allowed to dry to leather hard and then the second layer is applied. This layer is also allowed to dry to leather hard and then compressed and smoothed with a trowel. By the end of this step Javan had worked a 15 hour day and I was close behind with 13 hours. By no means a quick job and one that…

Artisan Lime Plaster in Concrete Style

Artisan Courses - Fresco, Sgraffito, Lime Plasters and Wall Finishes in Florence, Italy

Artisan Lime Plaster in Bathroom

Textures for Artisan Lime Plaster

The Tadelakt finish can be VERY easy to apply... despite all the wrong ideas spread over this finish.You just need to have the right material, and the appropriate technique to apply it.Watch how you can achieve this wonderful naturally waterproof finish with the streamlined TadelaktPro plaster from Perfectino. It is a 100% OVC free lime mixture with all the characteristics of the ancient traditional Moroccan finish.Yes, YOU can do it !