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Cat Hair Don't Care T-shirt Ladies Fit T-shirt

Use a dry sponge to collect dog and cat hair off your couch or chair. It works better then the Swiffer Pet Hair collector and it's cheaper! Reuse, don't throw it away!

bold grapic cat eye outline / half cut crease in black + gold glitter | makeup @vanyxvanja

Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper...they don't always have this at the store but if you ever see it, snatch it up! THE BEST FUR/LINT BRUSH EVER!!! It saves you a lot of lint roller sheets by getting the majority of the hairs first!

Gorgeous Makeup Tutorials #Beauty #Musely #Tip

from The Animal Rescue Site

Dog Hair Mug

Dog lovers everywhere share a hairy secret . . . doggy fur gets into everything. Fortunately, our comical mug has the answer: don't despair, embrace the hair! Designed by New York potter Lorrie Veasey.

from Paintbrushes & Popsicles

DIY Air Purifier

This idea is brilliant! Forget air purifiers that cost hundreds of dollars...this DIY Air Purifier can be made in 20 seconds for about 20 dollars.

10 Best curl defining products for natural hair #naturalhair

from Black Hair OMG!

Natural Hair Products: 50 Black Hairstyles Gurus Reveal Best Hair Products

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