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Job and career transitions can be messy. Letting go and moving on are emotional rollercoasters. Sometimes you don’t get a choice whether to stay or go if you get fired or made redundant. Other times you make the leap because you need a change or life sucks. The one thing you have in your control is your response to any given situation. How do you leave well whatever the circumstances? Here are some pros and cons for burning and not burning your bridges when you leave a job or career: You…

Creating headspace when changing jobs and careers is a healthy practice and a rewarding investment of your time. Why is this so, what does it look like and how do you do it? Making the transition from one job or career to another can be tough emotionally. The speed and intensity of the rollercoaster of emotions ... Read More »

As a career mentor, one of the most frequent inquiries I get asked is: “What are the best questions to ask during a job interview?” So, broken down by the most common priorities for job seekers (including just getting the job!), here are the questions that impress me the most when I’m hiring: Priority: Teamwork and Testing Passion What qualities and traits do your very best contributors share? How could I immediately help the current team succeed? When you first started working here, why did…

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Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Job

It’s a new year, a new you, but your job isn't quite what you want it to be anymore.

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What to Do in a Job That’s Not “The One”

What to do when you're unhappy in your job.


What to Look for When Relocating for a Job

What to Look for When Relocating for a Job - GEN Y GIRL

Welcome to 2015, and another year of unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Among these opportunities, for many people, landing a new job is by far one of the most exhilarating feelings one can experience. With this new job so many possibilities are abound: a fresh start, higher pay, more responsibility and/or management potential, and a whole new ... Read More »

All three of my daughters have volunteered abroad (two of them are in Africa as I write).   Spending time seeing the world in vastly different contexts and cultures, political and socio-economic circumstances, can be a humbling experience.  We can sometimes lose perspective when we’re looking for a job or searching for a career. Other contexts ... Read More »

We’ve all read about the huge impact social media is having across a range of business functions. Recruiting has certainly been transformed. But what are the implications for you as a candidate? What do you need to be doing differently in the current jobs market, compared with what you might have focused on several years ... Read More »