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Mary, after pouring expensive perfume on Jesus' feet, wiped His feet with her hair. -from John 12. Painted by Keith Criss. What abiding, generous love! Time + money for her Savior❤

The Benefits of Journaling

I have kept a journal ever since I was a child, I love them. As I have grown I have found many benefits to journal writing. It is so much more than just keeping a record of day to day events. Come check out some other journaling ideas plus a list of my favorite journals to get you started. Perfect for busy moms!

On Why It's So Critical That We Connect With Friends

Why is having a close friend so important in your life? True friendship isn't only "nice, it's essential. Here's how you can find and deeply connect with good friends.On Why It's So Critical That We Connect With Friends - Club 31 Women

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Mary singing "For Good" tonight at her school. The AC unit had been running an hour, & sadly we couldn't hear the performers. It stopped moments before Mary sang this song.

Mary Mikels singing "This is the Moment.' She forgot a few of the beginning words, but she recovered so well! I told her she was in good company with professional singers Susan Boyle and Robert Goulet who forgot the words:-) Enjoy! Love my girl!