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Get your camera close enough to some water droplets on a leaf and this is what you'll see (macro photography). When you zoom in on water droplets, you get that awesome refractive effect where it gives you a wide-angle view of whatever is behind it.

Markus Reugels of Deutschland uses the properties of refraction to create beautiful miniature worlds inside drops of water. Check out more of his work at: flickr.com/photos/maianer  All images courtesy of Markus Reugels

Photographer Markus Reugel recently captured this incredibly sharp photo of Earth in a water drop using his trademark set-up. Called Falling Earth, it's the latest in his ongoing series titled Refractions. There is a map in the background

Previous Pinner "Frozen flower... looks like a mini city! Way cool" ................Me: Gallifrey???

ice flower A flower with an ice bubble around it taken on a rare snow day in Austin Texas last week.

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This picture crisply and elegantly captures the softness of the delicate water droplet this combined with gentle flower creates such a stunning picture which still manages to capture the beauty of macro photography.


Snowflakes are so awesome! Remarkable Macro Photographs of Ice Structures and Snowflakes by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin.

raindrops on bottlebrush #6 by Lord V, via Flickr

Brian Valentine captures entire worlds that are reflected in drops of dew. Valentine often strategically places items or photographs behind plants that are covered in dew so that the scenes are shown in distorted, spherical miniature within the water.

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