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New Target (Lg) $69 New collection of hand-made cushions. The perfect example of east meeting west in the best possible ways. From craftsmen who produce the finest quality chainstitch needlework in the world

Check out our top performance Premium Quality Stainless Steel 5 Piece Knife Set with Acrylic Stand. It is easy-to-use knife that has comfortable grip for easy maneuvering. Right knife cuts your work in half.

sansevieria trifasciata | mother-in-law's tongue | snake plant | st. george's sword

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Lord, please suround my kids with friends and adults who point them toward You. Romans 15:1-7 #MomPrayers

You can pray this prayer when you need protection. This prayer is inspired by Psalm 27. The world tries to convince us that the peace and prosperity of man will save us. But our soul yearns for an eternal answer. The only real security we have is in Christ Jesus.

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The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size - Einstein

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French Pattiserie Detail; Wow these are great, I am loving it, this was a hobby of mine and my daughter when she was little, we love making our own , so fun , and great quality time together :-)