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Math Challenge Task Cards

These task cards are ideal for fast finishers, center activities, small groups, morning work, or even mental math. 136 different tasks! $

Back To School Task Cards { Getting to Know You Task Cards }

Back to School Getting to Know You Task Cards! Enjoy these 32 getting to know you task cards to engage your students during the first few days of school! They can be used to play Scoot , in a center, one by one as a whole class...or any other way you dream up! I have included a “Key” that shows all the prompts on one page if you would like to display student answers in the hallway or copy it double sided so that parents can see what each box means. Have fun and welcome back to school!$

I Have - Who Has Subitizing Cards {Small Groups & Math Centers}

I Have - Who Has Subitizing Cards: This download includes two sets of cards for small group practice and/or independent math centers. #mathgames #subitizing ($)

Grades 4-5 Fractions Task Cards- Reducing, Adding, and Subtraction

Here's a collection of task cards that will give your students practice in fractions. There are 60 cards in all. 20 are reducing fractions, 20 are practice in adding and 20 in subtraction. An answer key and student worksheet is included for each set. Print and you're ready to go-just add to your centers or small groups.

Determiners: Articles and Demonstrative

Determiners This set includes poster, interactive notebook material, worksheets and task cards. I also include the instruction on how to play scoot for the task cards and answer sheet. Answer key for the task card are the only answer key included on this. This set talk about the Kinds of Determiners: Articles and Demonstrative.How to use each and samples are included. $5.00

Fractions QR Code Fun Bundle - 4th Grade CCSS Alignment

This title is a set of ten QR code task card resources (240 cards in all) that touch on all of the 4th grade CCSS standards on fractions. Each resource contains 24 self-checking task cards and a recording sheet. ($)