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Yemen | Ababda woman, Arab Sleh. | © H.M.Nouwens ~ scanned postcard image. | The Ababda belong with four other tribes to the Bedja group, of which the great majority lives in Sudan. Many Ababda now live in towns and villages in the Nile Valley and the Red Sea coast.

Yemen Woman Nose Piercing Tattoo Scarification Chalaga

ERYTHREE - Types Cunama - très bon état

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Happy International Women's Day! #Eritrea #Africa pic.twitter.com/GmeFTg6H03

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Happy International Women's Day! #Eritrea #Africa pic.twitter.com/GmeFTg6H03

Eritrean of Tigrinya tribe

Coptic Christian woman with traditional tattoos: Tattoo History - Images of Christian Tattoos - History of Religious Tattoos and Tattooing Worldwide

The Ancient Black Persians in Stone – The Muurs of Persia | Rasta Livewire

Arab Bertram Thomas Arabia Felix - Across The "Empty Quarter" of Arabia New York 1932