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Non food Classroom birthday treat. Googly eye rings. "high five ____ is turning ___!"

Princess Popcorn! ~Simply pop a bag of popcorn and spray it with any color food coloring spray! I used Wilton pink food coloring spray. I found it at Party City. It was a hit at my daughter's 3rd Birthday party!

from Peyton's Nap

Birthday Treat for the Class

Healthier classroom birthday treat option possibility. It seems like there is a birthday cupcake each week!

Non-Candy School Birthday "Treats" - Dwell on Joy

healthy preschool snack idea but Halloween themed!!
from The Nerd's Wife

Healthy Snacks for Preschool: Fruity-licious Treats

healthy preschool snack idea but Halloween themed!!

Smarty Parties: Graham's Solar System 5th Birthday

Non-edible classroom birthday treat. Silly straws with a tag "Sip-Sip Horray It's Gavin's Big Day". It isn't as yummy as a cupcake but kids love silly straws.