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how to: Christmas tree silhouette Ok now that I have my test subject done, I can move onto my 3.5 year old. AND it took a lot of convincing, but we finally explained that good little boys help their moms’ out and santa is always watching after all (elf on the shelf helped a little too!) ISO 1600 SS 1/640 AP f/1.8

Los Angeles Lights Just another composite from the ever-inspiring photographs from my trip to LA in October. I wanted this to evoke the feeling of viewing a city skyline from a tall, glass building - lots of reflection and bokeh. I layered two photos of the famous downtown area. One was in focus and one out of focus. I applied an Overlay layer to the mask in Photoshop and called it a day. Photography by Bex Find me here: [Tumblr | Facebook | Society 6 | 500px]