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Single Mom and 4 Kids Surprised With Fully Furnished Home After Years of Being Homeless
My family's on food stamps my dads disabled and my works small jobs we would be so hungry with out them
A single mom whose husband divorced her after many years of marriage talks about what her children did for her on Mother’s Day. It is incredible.
What can single mom's teach their sons? Tie tying or shaving would be a start maybe... car maintenance? Some basic craftsmanship?
Hold the Door: Lessons for My Kids | Love, love, love this one!
So sweet. Single parenting is worth it I'm the end.
Faith In Humanity Restored
"My sister is a single mom. Every time I visit her, I hide $20 bills around her apartment so she will randomly find them, thinking she misplaced money."
CC: Dang. Some good points here though. If I ever have a child I'm definitely gonna try to be a better parent than these people.