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Developers <3 Designers Let's face it: Designers and developers don't get along very well. We're working on a new product called Raven, to make things better. These are some of the illustrations I made for the landing page. Check it out here:

Raven's Personas : Here’s some of the illustrations I sketched out for our product, Raven. They represent our target audience, who are mostly designers, developers and the big bosses - check it out! :)

What's New?

'What's New' sheet for Raven v0.3

UIColor (RVNColors) From a project’s color palette, Raven generates codes for iOS and Android platforms. For iOS specifically, we had to build an interface where developers could enter some of the keywords in the generated code. Here’s how it turned out.

06_tickr_ipad_09_790.jpg (790510) Image