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Author Susan Dudley Gold delves into the functions of the digestive and excretory systems. She explains why these systems are discussed together, how they work, and ways to keep healthy. Fascinating tidbits about these systems add an interesting twist.

The endocrine system is essential to human life. It enables a person to grow, respond to change and stress, and helps turn food into energy. The reproductive system has one crucial task: that of making the next generation of people. Learn how these two remarkable systems work together to ensure survival of the human race.

How do joints work? How do sense receptors work? What type of personality do you have? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the fun experiments in this book. Young scientists will explore human body systems and behavior. Many experiments include ideas you can use for your science fair. Learn about the scientific method, too!

How do your eardrums work? Can odor molecules pass through a solid the same way they pass through air? How does your sense of smell affect how something tastes? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the fun life science experiments in this book. Young scientists will explore the five human senses. Learn about the scientific method using the many experiments in this book. There are also ideas for science fair projects.

Galen gathered together most of the medical knowledge that had been obtained in his lifetime and extended that knowledge by discovering more than anyone had known before about the inner workings of the body. He wrote that doctors had to understand how the body works if they wanted to treat sick people successfully. Through this biography, see how doctors have learned medicine from Galen’s writings for more than fifteen hundred years.

TEST DRIVE FOR FREE! In an informative and easy-to-understand look at the respiratory system, the author discusses what this body system is and what organs are involved in its various processes. She discusses the potential health problems that can affect the respiratory system, such as cancer, pneumonia, and emphysema, as well as ways to keep healthy and problem-free.

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