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Golden Wave

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ammonite spiral - marine invertebrate mollusc The Golden Mean produces a harmonic effect called eurythmy found in nature as well as in a wide variety of works of art and design. Artists of various periods and cultures have found that dimensions determined by this formula are aesthetically appealing.

Crystal Life Technology, Inc.®

Slim Spurling copper rings are powerful sacred geometry tools for providing very healthy, balanced energy to seedlings. The rings are specially constructed even though they look simple and generate a standing wave of healthy balanced energy inside the circle. You can also place them around an ailing plant – just drop it over the plant, it should rest on top of the earth.

I was poking around, uploading art, and there came a scrabbling thud from the direction of the sliding glass door. I glanced over, and saw Athena's hind end waving wildly from that direction, which is standard procedure. She sees the birds or the squirrels on the deck, her previous experience On…

Trumpet&Horn//this place though. Vintage ring heaven!!! @victoria hubbard you're in charge of a certain someone snooping on this! ;)