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Every kind of nerdery imaginable.

Every kind of nerdery imaginable.

Hello, I'm Sailor Neptune(Michiru). I live in Japan and fight evil with my best friend, Sailor Uranus. When I am not a super hero I enjoy playing the violin. My girlfriend is Sailor Uranus. I am 17

artist name bishoujo senshi sailor moon bow bow (instrument) bubble circlet coral cross-laced footwear eyes closed gloves green hair high heels instrument kaiou michiru miniskirt no socks playing instrument pleated skirt sailor neptune shirataki kais

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon: man I loved this cartoon growing up!

Sailor Uranus by selinmarsou

My bad, I forgot to upload her during the weekend XD I finished her and put the finished piece into a wrong folder XD Well, things like this happen some.