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Free Resources and Ideas to Use with Apologia's Young Explorer Books - Zoology 3

*Muscat (*Salon x Malpia) began as Russia’s golden sire, which deemed him not for sale for any price. Determined to have him, Howie Kale made a deal to trade *Muscat for two of America’s very best Standardbred stallions – a deal that ended up costing Kale over a million dollars. After a year of being denied registration in America, the registration of all Russian imports was finally allowed in 1979. Four years later *Muscat went on to win U.S. and Canadian National Champion. #Arabianhistory

Nature Notebook: Cicada A few things to include as you nature journal. #nature #notebooking

Arabians horses in dress gear.

Just promise me one thing, promise me you won't go chasing whales...

The well-known theory that an asteroid suddenly killed the dinosaurs is based almost entirely on fossils from North America. A new study shows that dinosaurs -- and other continental vertebrates -- remained diverse in Europe up until the asteroid impact, 66 million years ago. This is strong evidence that dinosaurs and many of their contemporaries went extinct rapidly and simultaneously all across the globe.

{Montessori Practical Life} Husking Corn

Florida Native Plant Society - to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Mosaic Panda - Mosaik Panda - Mosaique Panda - Micro Ceramic tiles - Kit Alea Mosaik

Arabian stallion

Handbook of Nature Study -Nature Journal Page Idea: Using color is a wonderful way to personalize a nature journal page. Just a little pop of color can make the difference between a good page and a great page.

What Is an Insect Worksheet | These worksheets are available for free at my TPT store HERE

Butterfly identification poster from the U.S. Forestry Service . Insect activity, Apologia Flying Creatures, #homeschool http://shop.apologia.com/63-zoology-1

This experiment allows you to virtually change the conditions of the environment to discover which type the critter prefers.

NextGen Homeschool: Homeschool Travel - Learning on the Road


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Regina, SK - RCMP Musical Ride

Not kidding! And I work on a 10,000 acre wildlife area and I can operate the back hoe

8 Ways You Can Help Save The Bees - A bee hotel provides shelter for bees to raise their young.