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Explore Physical Manipulation, Require Cutting and more!

In this book of blackline masters, you will find activities that require cutting and pasting and physical manipulation of the words to help children learn in as many ways as possible.


Help Your Kids With Writing Assignments (3 Positives, 1 Suggestion)

Nouns and Verbs Sort This activity requires students to sort Nouns and Verbs into each type. The file contains 2 parts: 1) Cut and Paste sort 2) Color Coding Nouns and Verbs

SAVE $5.00 WITH THIS BUNDLE PACK OF 100 SIGHT WORD BOOKS This package offers ALL MY INDIVIDUALLY LISTED 4 SETS OF SIGHT WORD BOOKS. Each book is ONE PAGE that when folded creates a 4 page interactive sight word book . The books cover words 1-100 on fry's list. Simply fold horizontally and vertically and staple together. THESE ARE MONEY SAVING BOOKS THAT ARE DESIGNED LIKE A WORKSHEET- EVERY BOOK IS ONLY ONE PAGE. Every book follows this structure: page 1- cover page page 2- Trace and…

When students learn to write their letters they are committing the process to muscle memory as well as visual memory. The more avenues your students have to practice letter formation the quicker they will master each letter. Objective: To help students learn how to properly form their letters. Target Age: This is targeted for emergent readers, but the activities could be used with spelling words as well.

Spelling games allow students to have fun with words. They are also a great way to fill in a few extra minutes before lunch or while you are waiting in the hallway. All of the games below will get your students up and moving. They are played as a whole class or in teams so no child is singled out. Summary: Students will play various spelling games to help them practice their spelling words. Objective: To get students up and moving while reviewing their spelling words. Target Age: These…

Eyewords Desktop Wordwall / Personal Dictionary is a great reference for new writers. Students use the folder to support their writing/spelling. Pages should be printed on 8.5 X 11 inch paper. Eyewords Multisensory Sight Words have been created to differentiate reading instruction for young and/or struggling readers. As a complement to phonemic instruction, Eyewords provides a holistic, visual, auditory and kinesthetic approach to teaching the high frequency words