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English translation would be most appreciated. Artist/title/link. Thanks in advance! (This pin came up when I searched for artist Ibuki Satsuki. นิยาย 眼泪(อัสสุชลจอมนาง) > ตอนที่ 20 : 20 : - Writer

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD. Cannot wait to pick up my copy of this. Love this cover so so much

Pinning because A) I find this hilarious, B) it points out one of the reasons why Final Fantasy XII is better than all the other Final Fantasies.

from Wattpad

Greseala si pedeapsa - Inceputul

The wind picked up and the rain cam streaking down, the chimes blew and oh God I knew; he was here. But in the distance I saw light, and I was that light, and I would fight, for what is right.

His smile lights up my whole life tbh Naruto is my ultimate crush

from From up North

Smashing Digital Art for your inspiration

Archer, by Ken Barthelmey. [Can't quite decide if Serena would pick up a compound bow. Could be cool, even if she is mostly used to traditional archery]

I gave up on the show. They kept on mentioning his name and i cried over and over