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(18) News about #trumppence16 on Twitter

Evidence Pointing to Globalist Paul Ryan as Part of "HIT JOB" Against Trump -- Is Ryan trying to bring down Trump? They’re demanding that he step down over the “locker room” comments he made nearly a DECADE AGO. Nevermind that Hillary’s husband is an accused rapist and a notorious womanizer, who stuffed a cigar up the vagina of a 20-something-year-old intern in the Oval Office.

Internet "Kill Switch" used because of the newest WikiLeak?Assange Might Have Just Exposed 'Bigger Conspiracy' Than Any Clinton Leak! -

Unbelievable! Anyone else notice how scripted Hillary's first answer was? Like she already knew the question...hmmmm.

On the most important night of his life, Trump came through BIG. It has been acknowledged by everyone. Online polls, social media, and even the usually liberal biased Frank Luntz focus group. Who had the greater positive impact on your voting choice tonight? • 21 say Trump• 9 say Clinton#Debate2016 — Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) October 10, 2016 Trump's closing was perfect. Concise, sincere, and didn't try to segway into a stump speech. #Debate…

This is war. The American media has turned on “WE THE PEOPLE” and we’re now at war with them. They are attempting to rig an American election and they are officially TRAITORS and an enemy of we the people. Bill O’Reilly states that he knows of THREE media organizations who have ordered their people to “DESTROY TRUMP.” They have also told their people if they “support Trump” their careers are over. This video is important to watch. It’s also important to share. We must get the word out and…

LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER: Chelsea Clinton takes Private Jet Instead of Vehicle for 20 minute flight -- on her way to 'environmental roundtable'