DIY bareMinerals Palette. I started with a clutch wallet, cut out the inside fabric, placed magnets using hot glue, and finally placed de-potted bareMinerals eyeshadows. Holds 32 eyeshadows pans.

Cheap DIY fix to a depotted eyeshadow/blush/powder that's not magnetic and won't stick to your Z Palette

Create a custom, rearrangeable, magnetic eyeshadow palette with your old eyeshadows and a CD case!

Get the ‘Glamour Undercover’ look with La Palette Nude: 1. Apply Shade 4 to inner corners of eyes 2. Brush Shade 2 onto eyelids above pupils 3. Frame outer corners of eyes with Shade 5 4. Sweep Shade 3 below bottom lash line

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These necklaces are super nice and easy to DIY, you can make your own clay triangle or cut ones in fabric, pieces of woods, or whatever you prefer, it's all up to you

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