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В Петербурге построят первый дом с нулевым энергопотреблением

China Japan South Korea And Russia Plan To Power The World - The Asian Super Grid will utilize the wind and solar energy in the Gobi Desert of China.

The northern lights or aurora borealis fill the western sky Friday, March 9, 2012, above the Russian Orthodox Saint Nicholas Memorial Chapel in Kenai, Alaska. The display of lights came in the aftermath of a solar storm that struck Earth on Thursday


Satellites and lasers to deliver solar power from space - Russia

Lasers would transmit solar energy back to the Earth. (Satellites and lasers to deliver solar power from space - Russia: Russian scientists have propo... | General Services

"#AMBER Source: Britain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Germany, Myanmar, Dominica. Chakra: Throat chakra, Solar plexus chakra and Sacral chakra. Amber is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer. It brings balance and patience in your life. Amber alleviates stress. It treats the stomach, spleen, kidneys, baldder, liver and gallbladder. Amber used to be carried by travellers for protection. It is also the symbol for courage. Amber also is good for babies who are teething, joint pain. It has

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Cutting-edge Science Center in Lithuania is topped with solar panels

National Science and Innovation Center of Lithuania, science center, cantilever, Lithuania, LEED certification, Architects of Invention, green architecture, prefab, structural steel, renewable energy, solar power, solar panels