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4 Exercises for Toned Legs

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Tone Your Abs Without Crunches


29 Minute Metabolism-Boosting Leg Circuit

Sculpt strong, toned legs and thighs with these 10 exercises that work all muscles in your lower body. This 29 minute leg circuit will help you build calorie-torching lean muscle and maximize your metabolism!

5 exercises to tone your butt and thighs -

The Captain’s Chair Leg Raise : This exercise requires a captain’s chair, a rack with padded arms allowing for the legs to hang free that is commonly found in gyms or health clubs. To do this exercise, stand on the chair and grip hand holds. Press back against the pad then raise knees to the …

Leg Day :( lol wanted to change it up... Don't Get Bored with Your EXERCISES!!! Repeat 3 times same day

Tone Your Arms in 7 Days

Tone Your Arms in 7 Days

In women, excess fat tends to accumulate on the thighs first. It is possible to regain the slim, toned thighs you can love with a threefold approach of exercises focused on the thighs, plenty of cardio, and a healthy diet. While some of the exercises require gym equipment, many of them can be done in …

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19 Exercises That’ll Give Your Tummy A Major Makeover

Hello hot abs!