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CROWS What Makes Them Smart: Don't cross a crow; they are slick birds. Crows and jays know how to use tools, play games, and have been recorded pulling tricks on each other. The birds have a complex dialect that varies based on population.

Jays are strikingly coloured members of the crow family, found throughout England and Wales. During spring, gatherings of jays, known as ‘crow marriages’, take place in which individuals search for a mate. Jay’s have a penchant for acorns, which they cache throughout autumn and revisit during harder times. A single bird buries several thousand nutritious nuggets each year, playing a crucial role in the spread of oak woodlands. When threatened by hawks, the usually shy jays mob their…

Crows living in urban areas are known to gather nuts then place in the street for passing cars to crack open the shells. Then, after waiting patiently for the cars to pass, they return to the street and eat them. They are also considered the fifth smartest animals on the planet.

The Pied Crow (Corvus albus) is a widely distributed African bird species in the crow genus. Structurally, the Pied Crow is better thought of as a small crow-sized Raven, especially as it can hybridise with the Somali Crow (Dwarf Raven) where their ranges meet in the Horn of Africa. Its behaviour, though, is more typical of the Eurasian Carrion Crows, and it may be a modern link (along with the Somali Crow) between the Eurasian crows and the Common Raven.

Ravens have demonstrated both logic and the ability to use tools. Crows, their cousin species are extremely smart as well!

Corvidae-family of oscine passerine birds that contains crows, ravens, rooks. jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, choughs and nutcrackers...don't you just love the names of these mysterious birds? ceeanne.

A crow can solve same problems as a monkey! "Sequential tool use by a crow". This is importantly mainly because most definitions for 'theory of mind' are satisfied through the completion of these tasks.

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