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Australian Raven This raven is one of a pair who were collecting nesting material. They were collecting the algae as well as what the bird has in its beak.

Australian Raven - Photographers: K Vang and W Dabrowka © Bird Explorers Australia native Corvus species: Australian Raven Little Raven Forest Raven Torresian Crow Little Crow Those with white bases to the hackle feathers are classified 'crows' while those with gray ones are 'ravens' In Melbourne and Adelaide your local 'crows' are Little Ravens. In Perth, Canberra & Sydney Australian Ravens. In Hobart, Forest ravens, & in Brisbane & Darwin Torresian Crows

Black-breasted buzzard (Hamirostra melanosternon) and torresian crows (Corvus orru) feeding on an agile wallaby (Macropus agilis)