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(Aladdin & Jasmine Barbie 1992) Hey, there was this one time that the Disney Barbies actually LOOKED like the characters. But now, not so much. I had this Jasmine, btw.

Disney´s Briar Rose / Aurora / Sleeping Beauty OOAK doll. As base I used a Mackie molded Barbie doll, she has a full facial repaint, her bangs are cut and her hair is restyled. She is wearing a handsewn outfit I made long time ago. Commissioned Repaint.

The Prince - Beauty and the Beast. I had him and he was always the favorite of all my "Ken" dolls.

Pocahontas 90s barbie! I begged and begged for this doll when I was 9! Its all I wanted for Christmas. I was so happy when I got her.

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Walt Disney´s Sleeping Beauty Aurora OOAK doll. She has a full facial repaint, a new hairstyle, handsewn gown and custom made juwels. Base doll: Mackie Barbie

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Belle from Beauty and the Beast Doll | homegirl stayed gold under my roof. Really, who preferred the Peasant clothing? All it did was make Gaston go buck wild for her. Ick!