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SPIKE - A1097568 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/01/16 A volunteer writes: I believe in love at first sight, and that’s how it was with me and Spike. What a great dog! Quietly waiting in his kennel, his soft face and expressive eyes were all it took…he’s gorgeous with a capital GORGEOUS with a sweet, gentle personality to match. His leash manners are great, he quickly takes care of his business the moment we’re out the door, and we e

Beekeeping for Dummies was our very first beekeeping book. I can't even tell you how many are in our library now, yet this one is still a go-to book. This chart shows the daily development cycle of all three castes, from egg to adult.

The Art Room: First Grade Still lives These are extraordinary examples of the artwork of five year olds!! This must be a truly remarkable art teacher if the children are genuinely able to perceive this perspective & communicate it with such sophistication. WOW!

You know whats sad bout love? Its when you happen to know that there's just no hope for you being together yet you still pray to make it work. Its when your mind says 'let go' but your heart says 'hold on.' Its when you dream of that person almost every night only to wake up in the morning with tears in your eyes. And most of all, its when no matter how you try to forget that person, you just cant cause of the fact that you love that person so much and you just dont know...

Me... Except that it's still super hot here and leaves haven't started falling yet, so it's more like *Starbucks starts serving the pumpkin spice latte*