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10 Powerful Habits of Ultra Successful People

Can The Law Of Attraction Improve My Relationship

Feel blessed to have many dear and close friends in my life. Grateful for open hearted choices, shared wisdom, unconditional love, care, kindness and compassion. Life is fucking GREAT. Txx 30/9/14

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Glass box I whispered to the being I cannot see but feel you cannot enter on me again the way you freely used to be Glass box I can feel again your tentacles holding me close to your chest I sigh and let you be let you come closer to me But No, I should…

11 Things Your Soul Wants You to Learn

As we all enjoy our unique human experience, we find ourselves burning the candle of life too quickly while trying to exist in society and keep up with the times. So much so, that we often forget the most important lessons we came here to learn - the lessons that...Read more: