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I got bored and drew all over my science homework -< - (I also drew Xen with deer features or whatever cause I was curious as to what it would end up looking like)

*doots casually* @lialph I drew thisssss *casually rolls away to make more voice things* (I drew it in under a minute since I was kinda bored- I think I get bored a lot cause when I get bored I either just draw these two or just some other stuff that comes to mind-)

I also changed her design a little bit- I made it so that she's more like a hybrid in some way? Maybe a mix between human and a deer? And I dunno why I gave her wings in the first place? I dunnoooo

I drew this at about 5 am this morning? I really wanted to fall back asleep bUT BLOODY FUCKING HELL I HAD CRAMPS. So I got up and just wandered around the house for a while and got this AWFUL idea- (I really want to fix the legs but my mom is hogging the computer- Cause one shoe/boot thing is higher than the other and I just-)

I've been all over the place today so I've been drawing a lot in the car. I'll just post some junk that I drew...

okay so since I'm trash I'm just gonna post this but I found it and now I reALLY WANNA FINISH IT (I think I drew this in like- November??)