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Oh no, Taylor won't do what I want her to do, screw her! And how dare she call herself a feminist! Only I decide whose a true feminist! /sarcasm. Seriously people, I don't even like Taylor and here I am being made to defend her. You don't get to deem her a "bad" feminist. And who the hell cares about where she didn't go, she's a free woman so unless it's one of her concerts it's not your damn business.

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I want to laugh. But it's true. And that is just sad. Being a bitch because I want to make as much money as a man, and I think that birth control should be included on insurance? What a country we live in.

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Show off your sass with this sarcastic, feminist design featuring the text "Don’t Ask Me I’m Just A Lady With A Simple Lady Mind” to protest again gender roles and gender stereotypes! Perfect for a feminist, girl power, sarcasm, and being a sassy, strong female!

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