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I should have known better than to expect any less from the Evil One. Couldn't spare five minutes to see his daughter dressed up for Halloween, spent yet another Halloween with his Schmoopie and her girl and I had a great day together, but it still pisses me off...then again, holidays like these were usually difficult because of him being such a pissy-ass, so I know we're better off...

I love how he says Im sick of....then drops off. If it doesnt nod toward him being made to date Bryana and stupid models like that idk what does.

Bad Guy by Set it Off. Fits Clancy Gray from the Darkest Minds book series and Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson :)

SMARTRBoard: Music and Math shuffleboard game. Toss the puck and it bounces off the SMARTBoard sides.... very cool! Add note values together and use Scoreboard widget or tally marks. Cross-curricular and very fun review. Options for multi-grade-level use and instructional video provided.

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Just because my eyes don't tear Doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry. And just because I come off strong, Doesn't mean there's nothing wrong

Let’s all just take another day off in honor of #nationalreadabookday . . . #booknerd #bookstagram #bookaddict #bookworm #readinglist #read #bookquotes #smartwomen #feedyourmind