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Illuminated Russian Aprakos, or Gospel Lectionary, Russia, 16th century. This is an early manuscript in Old Church Slavonic, the official language of the Russian Orthodox Church, called an Aprakos [ah-prah-kohs], which is the Russian name for a Gospel Lectionary. In an Aprakos, the text of the gospels is not arranged according to their usual placement in the Bible, but rather according to the order in which they would be read throughout the church calendar.

St. Luke, Tetraevangelion (3rd quarter of the 14th century) Hilandar Slavic Manuscript #13, f. 155r Photograph by M. & P. Matejic, 1971

Izbornik Sviatoslava - 1073, a compilation of various bits of information with detailed illuminations, clear uncial script.

Gospel Lectionary, Ornamented headpiece and initial letter "E" with Parable of the lost sheep, Walters Manuscript W.535, fol. 68r This is one of twenty-six known manuscripts by the hand of Luke the Cypriot (active 1583-1625), an accomplished Greek calligrapher