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girl walking down the street, looking up to see a silhouette through the window

The quiet warm of inside while watching the quiet cold beauty of falling snow.

snow, I love how it looks like the star fish are looking out the window : )

Candle lit windows.... looking in one window and seeing through the room to another... nice! Can 'prim up' the candles for the season! :)

I want this to be the view outside my window (rePinned 082613TLK) how could you ever have a bad day when this is what you wake up to each day?...

Glass Pebbles from the Dollar Store create this stain glass window look. This would be fabulous in the garden with the sun beaming through. 957 109 2 Stacey Clifton When I have time.... Laura Price how do you keep clean in between the pebbles? Beautiful