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I don't know if this should be under things that make me laugh, or things that scare me :)

piglet... Why do people "choose" a life of torture and death for me and make it so acceptable?!?

I've been told only crazy girls get bunnies for pets... I don't quite understand that statement... I don't really care either because this picture makes me want a bunny! Okay, I don't *actually* want a bunny... But it is adorable! I want to snuggle him!


You'll Be Jealous Of These 36 Animals With The Most Unusual And Gorgeous Eyes

excuse me did you say carrot juice | Schnuffi ich liebe dich!

This picture makes me want to kiss his cheek and hug him really right and never let go...and then I remember that he's one of the most famous ppl in the world and he has almost the entire female population at his feet, and it gets a little scary to even poke him...

Why... why does this make sense to me. Usually I am potato or advanced meh. Or everyone is stupid.


Harry Hopper…

Harry Hopper...

A brown bunny being held up by a human hand.