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Are you on The Dark Side or The Light?

I got You're on The Light Side in Are you on The Dark Side or The Light? at

Which Star Wars Character are you?

Which Star Wars character are you? Padme: You have passion for people. Love to be around friends, and have a caring heart.

Prove How Much You Know About "Star Wars"

Can You Finish This Sudden Death “Star Wars” Quiz

Which Lady From The Star Wars Universe Are You?

Which Lady From The Star Wars Universe Are You? You’re Padmé! You may have been forced to grow up too fast, taking on a lot of responsibility at a young age. You know that your youth can’t stop you from doing anything you set your mind to! When it comes to love, you may find yourself denying your feelings when things get tricky. You can be secretive in relationships and other aspects of your life and sometimes let your emotions get the better of you. Still, you kick butt, and people respect…

QUIZ: What Star Wars Quote Should Be Your Motto?

What wise and witty Star Wars quote should be your life's motto? Take this quiz and find out today!

What Type Of Jedi Are You?

You got: Jedi Investigator Jedi Investigators are the most savvy of the Jedis. A Jedi’s alignment with the light side of the force often carries the perception that Jedi are genial or affable, but Investigators are often more discerning and suspicious. They mostly use their Jedi training to help them read others and prefer to work alone.

What Literary Character Is Your Mental Twin?

Van Gogh AT-AT night

What Star Wars Character Are You?

I was doing a Star Wars character quiz and I got Anikan Skywalker .i guess there must me a darkness within me ..,

I got Imperial Guard. What Kind Of Stormtrooper Would You Be In Star Wars?

What Kind of Stormtroopers would you be in Star Wars? Take this quiz and find out today!