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Ironic I watched an Inside Out Easter egg video on YouTube

Inside Out easter eggs

This is a collage of Easter eggs from the film Inside-Out. I chose this collage because I really like Inside-Out and it has some great Easter eggs.

dang tin rao vat bien hoa mien phi dong nai

Things You Don't Know About Disney World - The Meta Picture. (I read in a few places Nixon made his speech at the Contemporary. The world showcase entrance in EPCOT is accessible from the yacht and beach clubs, the boardwalk, the dolphin and the swan.

i thought the same thing, but then I watched how Me was created and they were originally going to have a seen in the forth grade.

Continuity is important.

When I heard they were making a Monsters University I told my mom that in the movie Mike says they been best friends since kindergarden and this also IT'S ALL A LIE! but MU was a great movie

Here's where she meets prince charming actually refers to her meeting the Beast later in the story, but not noticing he's a prince until later in the story aka chapter three

I always thought it was referencing beauty and the beast. Cause the same things happen in beauty and the beast. In Aladdin it's not a spell. It's just a genie with magic. In beauty and the beast it's actually a spell on the castle.


What Have You Done Anna?


how did I miss this? Did you guys notice this? I love disney for these reasons. they never forget their characters. if you look in monsters inc, boo's toys r nemo and toy story

Jane from the second Peter Pan could also be this Jane...

Similarities between Belle and Jane - Disney's Beauty and the Beast/Tarzan //// but British vs French ?///// Simple, Jane's mother moved to England because of some brainy reason and met Jane's father.