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When we are brutally honest with ourselves no excuses...walking out repentance for what we have done...THEN God will cause His Light to Shine and restore all things.

25 Quotes about Faith and Encouragement

When You Feel Like God Isn't There For You - Brittney Moses Just a reminder for me that God is present in every situation and I'm not alone even when I'm having the worst day ever

Such wonderful words of encouragment for when you're having your own pitty party!

God's plan for your mate. God blessed me with the most amazing man who loves Him and me more than i could ever imagine! ladies, WAIT for the man God has picked out for you and seek Jesus while you wait!

Start, Stay, and End with Jesus “That is SO goals” ,“Omg GOALS!”, “They are total relationship goals.” How many times a day to we hear people say these phrases? To me, these words seem trivial. Is your goal to really have a relationship like that person? They may wish they had a relationship like yours. Instead of setting minut...  Read More at http://www.chelseacrockett.com/wp/theword/start-stay-and-end-with-jesus/.  Tags: #TheWORD, #Advice, #Bible, #Biblica

Start,Stay,and End with Jesus. This is my relationship with Jesus! It's a relationship,not a religion. So.Goodnight Jesus, I will sleep well because of you!

I believe in God because I've experienced His goodness and mercy myself

I believe in God because He has pursued me with love, grace, and mercy. I am Your humble servant Lord. Always set me on Your path and allow me to do Your will. In Jesus' name.

No matter who or what you're desiring at this time in your life, there is no one and nothing that will satisfy you like your relationship with Jesus Christ.

God never intended for us to live apart from Him. Without the loving and nurturing guidance from the Holy Spirit throughout the day, we lose the intimacy God desires with His children.

thewordfortheday:    It is essential to be alone with God, waiting at His door, hearkening for His voice, lingering in the Scripture. No number of Christian meetings, no amount of Christian activity, can compensate for the neglect of this still hour.”The life around us, in this age, is preeminently one of rush and effort. It is the age of the instant this and instant that.” This feverish haste threatens the life of devotion to Christ… We must beware that we do not substitute Christian…

How To Control Your Thoughts For The Law Of Attraction

Wisdom Quote: "No amount of Christian activity compensates for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

You have to have FAITH...born again, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and a personal relationship with Jesus.

I have seen and witnessed miracles happen. I have seen them happen within myself. Please help me to remember this when my hope and faith gets weak. And to remember that my way doesn't work. I can't do this with out you. I pray I never lose my faith again.