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I saw these on Pinterest and made my own! So cute and easy.

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Awee these watermelon shorts are soo cute <3 I need themmm, be so perf to wear it with a loose crop top or baggy top to the beachh !!

Omg that's so cute!!! Sorry if you can't read it look up the original post on tumblr

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47 Funny Pictures You're Going To Love


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Himalayan Cat Breed

What i think about him -He is one of the Greatest personne -He is enough honest And super intelligent in multiple tasks,And one real human The important negative point in him is his "Fearfullness" Toward my serious,dangerous enemies which is scare me ans all my living people to joining me to him,cause when a personne has inner powerful Fear sens all will become possible comming from him or his scary sens "Fear is Brother of Die"persian proverb

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This Week’s Social Report!

Jesus died for you in public so don't only live for him in private...


Run Like a Herd of Buffalo

Two inspiring posts in a row?  What’s happening around here?  I promise this won’t become an everyday thing and design will go out the window, but there are some big things happening around here and I seem to need/want to share a little inspiration.  This is a spiritual post, so read on if interested Have …

from thrillist

23 Crazy Ways El Niño Has Unleashed Its Wrath on California... So Far

We're heading to San Fran next week for Xmas fun -- hopefully Paul and I can scratch some of these things off the list together !! --B.N.

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My August 2016 Blog Income Report – $90,188.40

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